Winter Weather Hits Hard
Friday, February 26, 2021

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by Liz Bonis & Merby Curtis, WKRC

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. (WKRC) – A local knee specialist has been getting a lot of new patients in the last few weeks thanks to the snow and ice in our weather.

The recent snowfall made it for perfect weather for hitting the slopes. That also means that a knee surgeon in Lawrenceburg is getting quite a reputation for repairing injuries, which you might say are all downhill from here.

It was the perfect night at Perfect North for Meredith Patton -- until it wasn’t.

“I hit an ice patch and one leg went this way and one leg went the other way,” said Patton.

The mother of five children, who are ages 1 to 9, said she suddenly heard something.

“A really loud 'pop,' and I honestly thought that I, like, broke a bone,” added Patton.

She didn’t break a bone. Instead, she reached out to the team of Dr. Brian Wissel, an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoCincy in Lawrenceburg.

“They repaired my ACL and my meniscus,” said Patton.

Dr. Wissel is known for his knee repairs. He’s often the doctor on call at Perfect North Slopes.

“The one thing, really, they don’t consider is that you twist your knee, and I’ve had a couple ACLs here recently that have come from the ski slope,” said Dr. Wissel.

Even though Patton lives in Northern Kentucky, she did some sports injury research. She decided she was driving back to Lawrenceburg to this go-to doctor known to many on the slopes for knee repairs.

“Accidents happen, and that’s why we’re here,” said Dr. Wissel.

“It’s good. I’m just sore,” said Patton, who is now on the mend and back to being a busy mom.

She said she is grateful that she found the right team right when she 'knee'ded him.

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