Study finds doctors are seeing younger people with weak bones
Monday, October 28, 2019

A new study has an important warning about a dangerous trend doctors are seeing in people's bones.

The study found one in four younger people now have weak bones. The study was published in "The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association".

Researchers looked at hundreds of men and women closer to age 35. They found one in four already had what's called osteopenia which is an early warning sign of osteoporosis or bone loss.

If anyone in your family has had a hip fracture or early bone break, you should ask a doctor about how to reduce your odds.

Dr. Howard Schertzinger with Orthoincy is a bone specialist. He says he sees patients with weak bones of all ages.

"First of all, I love for patients to come in and even ask a question about bone health because we are still undertreating this disease. The emphasis nowadays is fracture prevention. We really, it's almost away from now, educating on osteoporosis to now, you've got treat it, it's a chronic disease, so we prevent a fracture in the future."

No wrong way to do that but there are tests they can run on thyroid hormones, vitamin D, bone density and more to see if someone is at risk and set up a prevention plan.