Training Injuries: How to reduce risk
Thursday, February 17, 2022

by Liz Bonis, WKRC

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EDGEWOOD, Ky. (WKRC) – Some of the big running events in the Tri-State are coming soon. If you’ve started your training, the health professionals at OrthoCincy have some great advice for reducing the risk of injury.

There are lots of great local running groups that can help with pacing and consistency. The team at OrthoCincy says those two things are really critical to reduce the odds you will get sidelined because something hurts.

“I was probably doing about 70 a week when this kicked in,” said one runner, Joe. Joe was recently training for a marathon when he had to stop due to hip pain. “It started right in my lower back, especially bending and twisting,” he said. “It sort of extended down, almost to my knee.” He reached out right away to the physical team at OrthoCincy in Edgewood. “For Joe, I think it was more related to just muscle imbalances with tightness on one side of the joint and weakness on the other,” said Kendra Weisbrod at OrthoCincy. The good news is that his pain is almost gone. To avoid some of these common early training injuries, “Definitely stretch after you are active. If you are aware of any weakness, like hip weakness is a common thing, just strengthening your glutes helps balance out that,” Weisbrod said. Joe says that balance has helped him a lot. “OrthoCincy is probably one of the best places to go get some rehab,” said Joe.

OrthoCincy now also has running coaches as part of its therapy teams. You can make appointments as you start training to get set up for success. To book an appointment, click here.