Summer Sports Injuries
Monday, June 21, 2021

by Liz Bonis & Merby Curtis, WKRC

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As coronavirus restrictions are lifted, more young people are back to playing competitive sports. That means so are the injuries that result from these sports.

Local 12 spoke to the team at OrthoCincy to share some of what they are seeing in area offices.

Dr. Bruce Holladay is an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoCincy. He specializes in knee and shoulder injuries. He said when it comes to knees, “The most common knee injuries are usually the medial collateral ligament sprain, the ACL tear and then the meniscus tear."

Tyrone Henley is feeling the pain of a knee injury.

“Throbbing and then stabbing pain, so I decided to get it looked at,” said Henley.

Luckily, he may just need an injection to ease the ache, but his son Marcus:

“He loves sports,” said Henley. “Right now, he’s playing basketball and he has a stress fracture in his back.”

Marcus loves baseball. Dr. Holladay said he’s also seeing plenty of pitcher injuries these days.

“They’re throwing at a much faster speed nowadays,” said Dr. Holladay. “They’re throwing much more frequently, and we’re seeing more injuries to the pitchers.”

Generally, those come from repetition and overuse in elbows and shoulders.

“We will see labral tears, and then we will see an instability or lax or looseness of the shoulder,” said Dr. Holladay.

It’s something a watchful dad is trying to help his son avoid.

“Proud father and everything like that,” Henley said. “Proud of his son and everything like that; he’s pretty good.”

Generally, reducing pitch counts, proper training and playing different sports throughout the year can lower the risk for some of these kinds of sports injuries.