Quarterback Joe Burrow appears to be recovering well after appendectomy
Wednesday, August 3, 2022

by Liz Bonis, WKRC

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He's not there yet but as the sports medicine team at OrthoCincy shared with us last week when Burrow had his appendix removed, he does appear to be making a speedy recovery.

"About five days probably start to do some conditioning, about a week or so doing a little bit more," speculated sports medicine specialist Dr. Angel Velazquez from OrthoCincy Sports.

Dr. Velazquez says it's no surprise Burrow is back on the mend. He's made it through other procedures before and returned to the practice field for training camp on Monday to support his teammates.

Doctors remind us however, there's no rush.

"If you look back NFL players, you know the one that comes to my head is Mat Cassel from the Kansas City Chiefs and he returned to full playing again 11 days later."

Dr. Velazquez says timing is everything, and it's only Bengals training camp right now, with plenty of time until the regular season begins.

"I think that he could be back over the next week or so. He could be probably tossing by himself, not a lot of contact this time of the year. So, this guy is not going to get hit now, they don't get hit multiple times in practice, so there's going to be recovery slowly so he should be good to go in over that time."