Putting off care could be keeping you from finding back pain relief
Friday, November 6, 2020

Orthopedic spine specialists say even in this pandemic, don’t put off care for a real pain in the back.

We all know that in this pandemic it's tough to remind ourselves that other kinds of care are critically important. As one local firefighter said, if you can get the care you need, especially to treat chronic conditions such as back pain, it can change your life.

For nearly 50 years, Bob Schulenberg took care of others as a firefighter in Taylor Mill and Edgewood.

“Some of my issues are from getting beat up back in the day,” said Schulenberg.

Now, he reminds all of us to take time to take care of you. A year ago when he had back surgery, he said, “It just worked magnificent and that it was a big relief.”

Now, he’s struggling once again with what’s called spinal stenosis.

“So, there’s a variety of reasons why the canal inside the spine can be compressed and compress the nerves that go down the legs,” said Dr. William McClellan, an orthopedic spine surgeon at OrthoCincy.

Dr. McClellan showed us that a cyst is now part of the problem.

“A cyst compresses and grows. It doesn’t take much for it to really compress that nerve and cause a lot of pain,” he said.

The amazing thing is that Schulenberg felt so good after the first surgery that he’s looking forward now to another one, even in these pandemic times. While many of us have put off care in this pandemic, he said now is not the time to suffer alone.

“This was such a relief that I couldn’t thank OrthoCincy and Dr. McClellan enough for the excellent care that he gave me,” said Schulenberg.