Orthopaedic research shows healthy bones can increase life span, if you do the right workouts
Thursday, October 20, 2022

By Liz Bonis, WKRC

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There is new research that shows that the same workout for healthy bones can extend your life, no matter your age.

But there's a catch in all this.

You have to do weight training, which is best for bone building, along with aerobic activity.

Most tend to downplay the need to do muscle strengthening workouts because they prefer to walk or run, or just stick to team sports.

But a new study shows those who do about a half hour of aerobic workouts each day along with weight training two to six days a week live longer than those who do not.

This study found that those who got just the recommended strength training had a 10% lower risk of mortality.

Those who met aerobic workout guidelines of half hour a day had a 24% lower risk of dying from any illness during the study.

But those who got the recommended amounts of both had a 30% lower risk.

Dr. John Fritch, a sports medicine specialist at OrthoCincy, says this is critical for older adults but also for life.

Most of our bone strength is built in the first three decades of life, something Dr. Fritch says is really critical given all the injuries we see.

“Really, it’s the whole gamut there, from sprains and strains, shoulder injuries, labral tears, you can see new ligament injuries that end up requiring surgery, and then we do see just those common overuse injuries, and so we are constantly reminding players athletes, parents, making sure you’re warming up properly, make sure you stretch before every game to help prevent those overuse injuries,” Dr. Fritch said.

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