Orthopaedic experts warn foot & ankle injuries on the rise due to cold weather
Tuesday, December 20, 2022

by Liz Bonis, WKRC

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - As we head into a week of winter weather, foot and ankle specialists are suggesting all of us be careful with slippery sidewalks.

Ankle injuries are already on the rise since the colder temperatures and blustery weather have rolled in, from the ankle rolls commonly seen in sports-related injuries to when our feet give way in slippery weather.

“The preventative medicine here is awareness, being aware of that fact, you see a clear driveway, you are coming into work and its dark, these mornings are dark, people don’t notice that, it’s as simple as getting in and out of your car, there’s a patch of ice next to where you parked this morning that was not there last night, that awareness,” said Dr. Nick Gates with OrthoCincy.

OrthoCincy orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nick Gates is an ankle surgeon who says sprains, strains, and arthritis pains are topping his ankle injury list.

He says in addition to awareness, taking the time to properly prepare where you step can also make every step safer.

“A little bit of salt in those areas to prevent that fall is really quite worth it,” said Dr. Gates.

He says fractures are also common as the snowy weather hits and those can lay you up for a while.

“Some of those ankle fractures we can have people in a walking boot and pretty functional in a few weeks while they are recovering, some of those ankle fractures you may spend six or eight weeks on crutches,” said Dr. Gates.

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