OrthoCincy health care providers have planning teams to get you back soon for surgery
Thursday, April 23, 2020

Elective surgeries are first on the list to be restored as we begin to open the country. But, just how will we get people in pain back on the schedules?

Most are using a team approach and assigning importance based on medical needs. Providers have “restoration teams” carefully looking at getting patients back in for elective procedures. For those waiting, of course, this can’t come soon enough.

“A lot of times people waiting for surgery have pain,” said Dr. Bruce Holladay, a shoulder specialist with OrthoCincy.

Devin Beasley knows all about pain. She tore her labrum, a piece of fibrocartilage attached to the rim of the shoulder socket. It helps keep the ball of the joint in place.

Now, she’s in the active Army Reserves. Due to the hold on elective procedures for the coronavirus pandemic, she has waited for weeks to have it repaired.

“I’m ready for surgery, that’s for sure,” said Beasley.

“The medical community is very aware of this. We will definitely be working a lot harder and more hours to help people catch up,” said Dr. Holladay.

So, in order to get people scheduled as things open up for elective procedures, Dr. Holladay’s staff has a whole team ready to restore your good health.
If you’re waiting for surgery, here’s what you need to know: Your injury, medical needs, wait time and urgency all help assign the proper medical importance.