New technology might hold the secret to helping you beat back pain
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

This pandemic is really taking its toll on our backs and spines.

If you’ve been delaying care because you’re concerned about this virus, the team at OrthoCincy reminds us that you might end up doing damage that can’t be repaired. You can safely now get that care and find relief.

Lesha Williams said she’s finally feeling better after months of pain in this pandemic.

“A hundred percent better, yes. Wonderful,” said Williams.

She had a delicate procedure performed by Dr. Roman Trimba. He specializes in the spine.

“We did a discectomy and performed a fusion for her, freed up the nerves that were going to her arms and were causing her some pretty bad weakness and numbness,” said Dr. Trimba.

Her procedure was in the upper part of her spine where she was feeling that pain, but now with newer technology, there are a few things they can do in the lower part of the spine with new precision and accuracy.

Dr. Trimba is now among a handful of surgeons in the country specially trained in robotic relief, you might say.

“The robot we use the most frequently is the Mazor robot by Medtronic. The robot arm and navigation system allow you to use tools from further away. The tissue damage and surrounding anatomy is very well preserved, and it gives you a much faster recovery.”

While it’s not for everyone, he said it can be a real game-changer for the right patient.

“He’s just been amazing,” said Williams. “He has walked me through the whole process, gave me all the info I needed to know, so that really calmed my nerves.”