New orthopaedic research shows connection between knee pain and weight
Wednesday, November 16, 2022

by Liz Bonis, WKRC

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There is new research on weight and the need for joint replacement surgery.

A new report takes a look at our knees and how little it takes when it comes to weight loss to take a lot of pressure off them.

Just eleven pounds, OrthoCincy patient John Kelley knows the value of that small drop.

“I’m still active every day, I golf as much as possible,” said Kelley.

He has lost far more weight than that to reduce knee pain and along with some other topical treatments, it has worked.

“There’s definitely studies that show when we lose one pound, we decrease contact pressure in the joint by five to seven pounds,” said Dr. Adam Metzler, OrthoCincy sports medicine specialist.

This new study shows not only does weight loss decrease pressure on the joint, but gaining just eleven pounds was enough to make total knee replacement surgery 34% more likely for women, 25% more likely for guys.

Dr. Metzler says it is especially true in those with arthritis according to this new research and it is always a combination of interventions to reduce your odds you will need new joints.

“It’s continuation of weight management, reduction of weight is helpful, low impact activity, such as bike, elliptical, swimming, stairmaster, things like that will reduce the impact on an arthritic joint, which will reduce pressure reduce pain, reduce inflammation,” Dr. Metzler said.

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