Ja'Marr Chase's hip injury: Orthopaedic experts warn athletes that if you're feeling pain, seek help
Monday, October 31, 2022

by Liz Bonis, WKRC

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Bengals fans and the NFL world reacted to the news that Ja'Marr Chase would not play in the Battle of Ohio on Monday Night Football due to a hip injury.

The exact details are not yet known, but it is possible he could be out for four-to-six weeks.

Sports medicine specialists at OrthoCincy say they treat hip injuries often without surgery.

Local 12 asked what treatments could help him recover and if it could be sped up.

“So, there's a lot of things to help speed up the process, the biggest thing I’m sure his trainers will be working with him, his physicians will be working with him on getting this rehabbed, certainly depending on the type of injury, potentially some injections, some oral anti-inflammatory medications can help combat some of the pain so that he’s able to rehab it more effectively,” said Dr. John Fritch.

Dr. Fritch works with student athletes quite often and says there are a few other things to know about getting Chase back on the field without increasing the risk for future injuries, as well.

“Usually these injuries present with pain, pretty localized pain, it sounds like initially it began as a hip flexor strain and then some Twitter accounts saying he may have a fracture. My guess is that this progressed to avulsion injury pulling the bone off of the pelvis. Certainly this was probably treated initially while allowing him to continue to play, but it sounds like its progressed to a point now where we just got to let him rest and allow him to rehab this before he can get back out there,” said Dr. Fritch.

This advice is a reminder to all of us that if you have been feeling a tug in your hip your back your knee, hoping it will heal on its own may not be the best way to intervene.

Getting it evaluated at least can keep it from becoming a season-ending injury.

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