Healthy You: The pandemic has taken a toll on athletes
Thursday, February 4, 2021

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Super Bowl weekend has many of us thinking of football and local doctors say it’s been a big season for football and other sports injuries.

Dr. James Trevor Stefanski is an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoCincy. He works with several of our local sports teams, including those at Conner High School.

He shared what he’s seen this season and a bit about some breakthroughs in treatment:

"There's a lot of people coming back after a long time not being in the gym, social distancing, quarantining. They're out of shape. They're trying to get back too much too fast and having injuries, especially with the season finishing up. I help with some high school football coverage. We see ligament injuries, meniscus tears. We're trying to keep people on their feet and keep their knees going.”

One thing he pointed out is that early intervention is critical. If you made it through the season and you’ve had pain in the knee or elsewhere, get help for it as soon as possible for best recovery in the off-season.