Foot Pain Due to Increased Activity
Thursday, April 28, 2022

by Liz Bonis, WKRC

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – People who fell out of their usual habits during the pandemic may be paying the price in their feet.

From the shoes you haven’t worn for two years to the increase in activity, podiatrists at OrthoCincy say COVID-19 has been really hard on our feet. It may be the resurgence of running events, or the extra walking in hospital hallways. Dr. Matt Connolly, a podiatrist at OrthoCincy, says when it comes to foot pain in his practice, “It got very busy once the world started opening up again."

When COVID-19 first began, he was on the lookout for redness or "COVID toes."

“It seems to be somewhat the inflammation and the anti-inflammatory forces of the body fighting, and we see it in the very small vessels of the toes,” said Dr. Connolly. Now, he says he more often sees everything from stress fractures to overuse injuries.

“Very often, it’s the forefoot or the arch,” he said. Dr. Connolly says the pandemic simply changed our habits, which impacted our feet. “One of the things we found was that people weren’t in their shoes a lot when they were home too much,” said Dr. Connolly.

Pre-pandemic shoes, he says, well-worn or not, don’t offer proper support. If swapping them out doesn’t help: “The things that we would want to see are things that persist beyond 48 to 72 hours, or things that really take your function away from you,” said Dr. Connolly. “If you can’t stop limping, if the pain really impacts your life and doesn’t stop.”

If you’ve noticed foot pain that doesn’t go away, you can reach the team at OrthoCincy. To make an appointment with Dr. Connolly, click here.