Dr. Nicholas Early - Listen to Your Body When Increasing Activities
Thursday, May 13, 2021

by Liz Bonis & Merby Curtis, WKRC

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – As cases of the coronavirus drop and outdoor restrictions are easing, there has been a bit of a surge in doctors’ offices due to injuries.

The good news is there are newer ways to fix some of those injuries.

As the weather continues to warm up, orthopedic specialists are reminding all of us that in our eagerness to get outside or get things done, we need to proceed with caution.

"I was working, and I fell off a ladder and tore my meniscus,” said Kay Watson, a patient.

Watson is back on the mend now, but like many, she loves to be active, especially with her two beautiful dogs.

When this happened: "I kind of felt like something was wrong,” said Watson. “When I got up and tried to step on it, it was sore and I thought, 'Oh, I just kind of sprained it a little bit. I went home and put ice on it thinking it would be better, and the next day, it was no better.”

She is one of many orthopedic specialists are seeing these days as a surge of patients are now coming in, especially with knee injuries.

“In her case, she actually had a meniscus tear,” said Dr. Nicholas Early, an orthopedic surgeon and shoulder and knee specialist at OrthoCincy. “We just had to remove some of the tissue.”

The good news is that in addition to the traditional surgical repairs, there are newer nonsurgical options called biologics to help your body heal itself. They include platelets called platelet rich plasma or plasma.

“Those platelets then, when we inject them into different areas of the body such as a tendon or a joint, can then help with healing and decreasing inflammation,” said Dr. Early.

They can also regrow your own cartilage or, “There is also something where you’re getting a donor plug of bone-in cartilage,” said Dr. Early. “You can put that into a bone-in cartilage as well and that can be very effective as well.”

One reminder is that pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. It’s not normal. If it doesn’t go away after rest and ice, it’s suggested you seek medical attention.

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