Bengals' QB Burrow returns to field following surgery, doctors talk precautions
Tuesday, August 16, 2022

by Liz Bonis, WKRC

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - He's back!

Bengals QB Joe Burrow was practicing with the team Sunday for the first time since his appendix surgery.

While he has recovered, safety should still be a priority.

The sports medicine team at OrthoCincy says extra precautions are now a universal safety standard in sports.

Doctor Matt DesJardins is a sports medicine specialist there. He says Burrow throwing and doing solo drills is likely not a problem as long as he avoids contact with other players, but there are still risks.

"I think immediate risk would be complications with the wound," said Dr. DesJardins.

"Obviously, there were some incisions made, even if done through scopes, so those will have to heal up. You wouldn't want to develop hernias and things like that.

"There is a more urgent feeling on the field for Burrow's return.

Backup quarterback Brandon Allen went out Friday in the first pre-season game -- with a concussion.

There are specific diagnosis criteria for those head injuries.

"Maybe some slow reaction time, maybe some difficult time concentrating, peripheral, vision difficulty, also critical for protecting yourself," Dr. DesJardins said.

His return, much like Burrow's, is expected to be gradual.

"So, when you hear the term 'concussion protocol,' that describes that graduated return to play protocol," said Dr. DesJardins.

If that protocol isn't followed, it could spell disaster.

"So, if you get a second injury too close to the first injury, that can really magnify the problem," Dr. DesJardins said. "So, part of all the attention to resting the player, getting them out of the game, making sure they stay with the protocol, part of that is to reduce that second risk inside that critical time frame."