Area sports medicine specialists seeing jump in number of athletic injuries
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Watch the interview here:
Orthopedic surgeons at OrthoCincy in Edgewood said they've had a huge jump in numbers -- at least a 25-percent increase -- in athletic injuries in the last few weeks, mainly due to fall sports, so the team is trying to get the word out about prevention and proper treatment.

OrthoCincy patient Michael hurt his knee. Dr. Adam Metzler evaluated Michael and said he won't be back on the field playing football for the Scott High School Eagles any time soon. But he's not alone this fall football season.

"We'll see a lot of ACL injuries. We'll see a lot of patella dislocations. Ankle injuries and lower-extremity trauma is definitely more common," said Dr. Metzler.

Dr. Metzler can surgically repair many of these injuries, but he'd rather keep players, such as Michael, playing. He points out that training all year long is really important, but there is one key area that his team says could make a big difference in reducing the odds of some of these injuries.

"We call it proprioceptive strengthening, and if we can control your proprioceptive strengthening, we believe we can reduce your rate of ACL injury and/or knee ligament injury, in general," said OrthoCincy physical therapist Bryan Vranic.

Vranic says he has three top exercises for this type of training:
Side plank
Single-leg bridge